trusting vulnerability

Imagine if we celebrated the value of our teammates everyday in the same way that we do at their farewell afternoon-tea when they move on to another team…

Trusting vulnerability

We bring accountability
to authentic self Expression

At Trusting Vulnerability we create deeply connected communities through awareness and communication – creating space for courageous action and being in a state of awe.

We help people tap into things they already know to be true, to bring their whole selves into the workplace and to bring their communication and actions into alignment with their values.

We do this by offering workshops that create the space and support for open communication in teams,
fostering a culture of courage and belonging.

What does Trusting Vulnerability Offer?


We provide workshops that empower workplaces to embody accountability – for a culture of emotional maturity, deep connection and courage.

In our interactive face-to-face and virtual workshops you get the opportunity to integrate simple tools and accountability structures to allow your favourite behaviour patterns to cross over to all areas of life.

We discuss how often in conversations it feels like there is ‘no context’ to acknowledge each other’s value, because hypothetically, it’d feel ‘clunky’ and ‘unnatural’. We wait for the ‘right time’ rather than articulating this acknowledgement in ‘REAL TIME’.

Naturally we resist bringing structure to how we acknowledge others, in fear it won’t feel ‘organic’ or ‘authentic’. At the same time though, we feel a lack of confidence in nailing the execution of it. So this is where Bridge comes in and normalises this process through these communication workshops


How are These Workshops Unique?


A few words from Bridge …

‘Acknowledgement is something I used to feel so vulnerable and unnatural at doing, but I reminded myself it wasn’t about me, it was about what I was giving to the person who receives the message. They experience how they are worth acknowledging because they have added value to me, a reminder that doesn’t get gifted into their inbox everyday, or ever.

For the last six months I’ve made it a PRACTICE, every morning I sit down with my journal and see who pops into mind, then I send them a written message or voice note acknowledging their value I experience, evidence of them demonstrating this, and the impacts it has had on me. I have sent these messages to over 200 friends now. Once I even sent an acknowledgement to the WRONG GEORGIA, talk about vulnerability hangovers by golly. I acknowledged that mistake too, and kept practising, because it’s about the type of person I got to become in the process.

If you are wanting to normalise celebrating each other in your team, in a way that sets you all up to WIN, book a call with me to connect and create how we can bring celebration and connection to another level in your team.’

Photo of Bridget Watson

Is this you?

You notice that the same issues keep limiting your team due to a lack of communication?
You fear that not every team member feels supported for their individual needs?
You wonder how you can balance your busy workload with being the supportive leader you want to be?

Our action

Our Workshops 

Team or Public Workshops
Virtual or In-Person
2 hr or 2 x 45 mins


Each workshop is a 50/50 split between interactive small-group activities and content delivery


What our clients have said…

“Bridget came into our already tight knit work team and elevated our communication, connection and understanding of each other to the next level. With open, honest and powerful discussion, Bridge supported us by creating a safe, trusting space, to bring to surface vulnerable but REAL conversations. Bridget is a breath of fresh air, energetic, trustworthy and genuine I cannot suggest a better person to help facilitate increased connectivity in any setting”

– Ella, Community Programme Coordinator


“The most engaging, passionate and thought provoking website I’ve attended. I am excited for the valuable experiences and meaningful conversations that my new emotional skills will create!”

Ashley, Structural Engineer, 25


“Bridget uses her unquestionable passion combined with credible research to deliver a workshop that all teams, leaders and people would benefit from.”

– Gus, Head of Sales, 25 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our Clients:

How do I know these tools will create sustainable impacts in my team?

You get to create an Accountable Vulnerability Action Plan Template to provide structure to integrating the learnings into your team context


How do I know whether to book a team workshop or attend a public workshop?

If you are looking to immediately integrate these tools use the workshop environment to foster deeper connection specific to your team,  we recommend team workshops

If you are a individual looking for simple tools bring to your team,
we recommend a seat in our public workshops  

We look forward to talking!

Once connected, we will book a 15 min call expand on what you are looking to create for your team,  then together we will schedule a workshop for you




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