Our Ease Workshop series is designed to take your team from feeling reactive, stretched and at capacity, to feeling productive, open and supported.  

We spread the workshops out over 3-6 months to honour the time it takes to implement actions and create structures that last. 

Do you resonate with this?

You want to know all of your team members are happy and supported. You crave reciprocity of communication from all of your team, so that you aren’t spending time and energy leaving work wondering how else you can support them.

What can I expect?

Bridge prizes in-person workshops more than anything.

What to expect prior to beginning our working relationship is two calls with you as a leader, or HR/people leader, where we get clear on the specific pains and needs to your team(s).

From our intial call we create a draft proposal, have a followup call to confirm we are on the same page.

After this 30 min call, we schedule the dates for the introductory workshop for the team, and Bridge sends preparation to prime the team to get the most out of this workshop.

When we complete the workshop, the action plan that is created in the workshop together is tasked to the team, which is followed up at the team check-in one month later.

Depending on team requirements, the four key transformational workshops over the time working together are scheduled.

The four key themes of workshops are (2-3 hours each):

– What the team wants to feel in order to be successful
– What the team does not want to feel in order to be successful
– Navigating change as a team and how you want to feel
– How your team wants customers to feel and not feel after interacting with your business

Themes flexible of the four key workshops depending on team requirements.

Additional check-ins (one-on-one or team-wide) are organised to support the team throughout this 3-6 month period.

Bridge is based in Wānaka and is known by her friends as jetsetter, so is available all over Aotearoa.

Who is this for?

You are …

A leader looking to connect with your team, giving the team the tools to speak up in a way that they get optimally supported by you as a leader, as well as the rest of the team.

A leader looking for clear communication in the team, who perhaps notices the team isn’t inclined to communicate small issues clearly, so they become complex issues.

A leader who is interested in prioritising well-being of their team, and is open to working in a modern approach to leadership.

Bridge is particularly passionate about working with a leader in their day-day-day team, rather than laterally across organisations.

This passion derives from the importance of this shared experience the team has in workshops, where they are humans as opposed to job titles .

What makes us different?

Bridge is adamant on making this experience feel like a breath of fresh air. She is committed to bringing you ease throughout your team, by surfacing any obstacles to your whole team thriving, by together creating an action plan that sets you up to feel how you need to in order to succeed. 

Having a background of being a physiotherapist, as well as going on her own journey with reconnecting to her identity as being Māori and what that means to her, Bridge brings a holistic approach to making wellbeing more accessible at work. 

Bridge asks questions that hit your blindspots, with curiousity and a deep drive to bring out your creativity as a team. 


Feelings Come First Here.

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