As an opening to their annual sales team conference, we did a two hour workshop to set the scene for authenticity and vulnerability over the conference.

We explored definitions of different emotions, how they can show up at work, and how to talk about them in a way that empowers the team.



With the young professional’s network at BECA, we workshopped on different emotions and how they show up at work, particularly in regards to communicating feedback and acknowledging each other.


Wellington City Council

We workshopped on the definitions of different emotions, introducing shame and how that can show up at work, we practised communicating emotions and enjoyed exploring the definition of joy and how we can create more space for celebrating it in workplaces


Studio Acht

Together we did a series of four workshops, highlighting the link between values and emotions at work. We created structures to acknowledge our personal values more at work, and how that can be taken home as well. We bought accountability to clear communication in the team, and what it looks like day-to-day creating a clear context for requests of each other, and personally.


Generation Zero

We workshopped on what a great volunteer experience looks like and feels like, and how to bring that alive. We started with using the Emotional Culture Deck cards to individually identify what each volunteer wants to feel and not feel (as often) in the organisation, then discussed in small groups ideas and rituals that would action this.


Willis Street Physiotherapy

We created what the physiotherapy team wants to feel at work, and collated everyone’s individual emotions to create a top 5 emotions the team wants to feel.

We used the Emotional Culture Deck cards to keep this session interactive and engaging for all. We completed the lunchtime workshop with 3 key actions for the team to take to bring this desired emotional culture alive.


We understand that talking about emotions at work is new to many teams. For this reason, we offer an introductory workshop or speaking engagement.

Our key offer is a workshop series, that covers a wider breadth of topics where emotions play a role at work, as well as guarantee sustainable system-wide change.

Speaking Events

Are you looking to be inspired by a story of finding a sense of identity as a young wāhine Māori in Aotearoa, and the challenges of communicating that ever-changing journey.


Introductory Workshop

Looking for an interactive way to foster a sense of belonging and connection at work?

Start here!


"Ease" Workshop Series

A series of team workshops to bring you ease to fostering a sense of belonging in your team, in all areas of business. 


What unique needs does your team have?!

As you can see above, all of the workshops have been tailored to the team’s requests. If you are unsure whether these workshops would be the right fit for your team, let’s have a thirty minute chat!