Building emotional intelligence for work and home

A two hour practical workshop that uses emotional awareness to boost performance, confidence and wellbeing at work. In a safe environment in the group, participants get the opportunity to practise communication tools they can directly apply to meetings with colleagues post-workshop.


A practical way to start for large groups

Are you a representative/leader looking for a relevant workshop tackling performance-inhibitors and ineffective communication at work, but you don’t know where to start? With a combination of energy, curiosity, and evidence-based content, I bring a refreshing edge to authentic self expression and voicing yourself at work.

Most Suited To

I am a stand for young professionals realising their potential at work, so I give them tools to.

Typically I deliver this workshop to groups of 20-40 young professionals in corporate/ training settings. Within these workshops, we work in small groups of six (at least half the workshop each attendee has their own card-based toolkit, the Emotional Culture Deck) to uncover your unique needs at work, and share these discoveries with the small group.

Key focusses

Every group has similar and different requests

Generally, the key focusses of the workshop is that each individual leaves with a completed ‘know yourself handbook’, a resource that specifies your unique needs in order to succeed in your workplace. This resource is perfect to take to your next 1:1 catchup with a colleague take accountability and initiate for your needs to be met at work,  in order to be fulfilled and most supported in your team to perform.

Your challenges

Confidence, communication and awareness

As a group/ team rep you are aware that in the respective work settings your members are in, there are often dominating voices they are overpowered by, barriers to showing up as their authentic self at work, and an unawareness of how exactly to approach this best! I hear you.

Your WHY

You aspire to leaving a legacy in your role!

Often coordinators that bring in my workshop mention how they are personally fascinated and deeply supportive of work around authenticity, vulnerability and emotional intelligence. Just as often, this type of workshop is perhaps new for their workplace and they’re not sure how much ‘uptake’ there will be. If this is you, trust Tegan, the coordinator from Generation Zero who organised our workshops with the Wellington group in June and July 2022 “Bridget is so helpful and accomodating in designing the workshop for our team, meeting our needs and facilitating a really amazing workshop in a quite limited amount of time! Makes you feel so supported throughout the whole process. Ngā mihi Bridget!”

The process

How to get from here to having a workshop

1) Schedule thirty minute no-obligations chat with Bridge through ‘Let’s Chat’ button

2) Fill in the pre-call five min form Bridge will email you to clarify hear objectives relevant to your group

3) Post-call Bridge will send quote + workshop one pager to share with any other decision-makers in order to confirm then schedule workshop

4) Confirm workshop + requests to purchase discounted Emotional Culture Deck card decks (provided to borrow as part of package)

5) Host workshop and get summary of feedback from attendees the day after, as well as a thirty minute call one month after for next steps in further ways Bridge can support your group or organisation


Get in touch here to schedule a workshop