Thought-provoking and interactive workshops for millenials to feel connected and liberated with their team.

Imagine if it felt easy to connect with each other on a deep level, where talking about emotions empowers and energises your community rather than trips it up.

 “If you think your team needs it, they probably do. If you don’t think your team needs it, they definitely do” – Harry, Workshop Attendee from Generation Zero in May 2022

Belonging. Bravery. Brilliance.

What do we do?

Build confidence in teams by implementing tools and structures that bring ease to connecting with each other.

We do this in workshops together as a group, with the outcome on an action plan based on the group’s collective voice about how they want to feel at work, and what action they will take to make this happen.

Do you resonate with this?

You want your team to feel supported, connected and energised by each other, but you aren’t sure where to start?

You’d hate to think your team feels incapable or powerless, but you have no communication structures in place to know?

What People Are Saying After Doing Our Workshops:

Ellis, Physiotherapist, Willis Street Physiotherapy

One thing I really enjoyed about the class was how comfortable everyone was with sharing their emotions and thoughts. This stems from Bridget. She has a knack in facilitating discussion throughout the workshop through the use of questions and tools! This allows participants to share and brainstorm how they are feeling. We all learnt a lot about what success looks like, and feels like within our workplace.

Ella Brown, Community Programme Coordinator, Wellington City Council

“Bridget came into our already tight knit work team and elevated our communication, connection and understanding of each other to the next level.

With open, honest and powerful discussion, Bridge supported us by creating a safe,trusting space, to bring to surface vulnerable but REAL conversations.

Bridget is a breath of fresh air, energetic, trustworthy and genuine, I cannot suggest a better person to help facilitate increased connectivity in any setting”

Gus Hewitt, Head of Sales, TracMap

Bridget uses her unquestionable passion combined with credible research to deliver a workshop that all teams, leaders and people would benefit from.”

Feelings Come First Here.