'Ease' Workshop Series

Over 3-6 months, works with Bridge in a series of team workshops to bring you ease as a leader.

The Ease series starts with how the team needs to feel at work to be successful, creating an action plan to grow your team emotional safety net, and every workshop bringing more structures to create the legacy of this.

Our workshops are based on the foundations of the “Emotional Culture Deck” used by 200,000 leaders around the world, a card game to identify and articulate emotions more easily.

This longer period is the preferred working relationship for Bridge as this is where she finds actions and structures that lead to ongoing change and building an intentional team legacy.

Investment starts at $3100 (variable depending on unique team requirements which we discuss on our discovery call)

Introductory Workshop

Hesitant on a long term commitment, but intrigued to try new things with your team? 

Schedule a call to do a 2 hour Emotional Culture Sprint Session where we both collectively identify what your team needs to feel to be successful at work.

Investment $700 + GST + transport

After this tester workshop Bridge will have a 30 minute call with the leader about working together longer term

Speaking Engagements

Are you looking to bring self- awareness into an event?

Along with an infectious energy, Bridge brings her unique framework that allows the audience to self-select their ’emotional safety net state’ in their team/group/whānau.

Speaker fee starts at $500 + GST for 30 min events

Organisations that display empathy function better

Emotional culture is crucial to organisational performance. When companies identify the key drivers of their employees not only does engagement increase and morale improve, productivity and employee retention increase. As a result, bottom-line profits go up.

As shown by  Harvard Business Review article ‘Manage Your Emotional Culture’, and supporting research by Sigal Barsade (Professor of Management at Wharton) and Olivia A. O’Neill (Senior Scientist at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being).

The Challenge we Face

There is a significant communication, understanding, and empathy gap in many workplaces.

Most organisations and leaders underestimate the influence emotion has on their culture and leadership. The emotional culture of an organisation influences employee satisfaction, burnout, teamwork, and even hard measures such as financial performance and absenteeism. But organisations (and leaders) don’t talk about emotion because it’s difficult and considered soft. Or they don’t have the skills to leverage emotion.

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